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We design all our collections with one motto in mind:
Feel WONDERFUL while wearing them!. At Somethinc Pretty we want you to feel pretty and confident. These are exactly the values that our 3 collections convey. 24K Bling for pure luxury, Silver Bliss for that special sparkle, and Everyday Glamming for a strong appearance.


How to find your next favourite piece

Our 3 collections are exclusive and limited.


If you want to wear pure luxury, our 24K Bling Collection is the one for you.


That special glow! The Silver Bliss Collection is the perfect accessory for a special occasion or your favorite outfit!


Want your everyday companion that works for any look and any situation? Then the Everyday Glamming Collection is made for you.

24K Bling

Unvergleichlich einzigartig, atemberaubend schön! – Unsere 24K Bling Kollektion lässt Dich den puren Luxus tragen.

Diese Kollektion besteht aus exklusiven Teilen und das nicht nur vom Look:

Die 24K Bling Kollektion besteht aus 925er Sterlingsilber, das mit einer 24 Karat Goldschicht überzogen ist. 

Dieses Gold Vermeil macht Deine Lieblingsteile zu ultimativen Luxusartikeln ohne die Kosten der Verwendung von massivem Gold.


100% Sterlingsilber (925)

Extra Langlebig 

Pure 24K Goldschicht

Glänzt besonders schön 


Silver Bliss

Let a sparkle shine every day! - Our Silver Bliss Collection glamorously brightens your everyday life.

A collection that offers that luxurious twist:

Our Silver Bliss Collection is made of 925 sterling silver plated with 18-carat gold alloy in either gold, rhodium, or rose gold.

The 18-Carat gold plating makes these jewelry pieces hypoallergenic. We offer three different color options, making it as versatile as any of our personalities.

Special Features:

100% sterling silver (925)

Colorful designs

Available in 3 finishes (18K gold plating, 18K rose gold plating or rhodium plating)


Everyday Glamming

Your everyday glam companion - durable, beautiful, and distinctive!

The Everyday Glaming collection is made of 316L stainless steel encased in 18-carat gold in either gold, rhodium, or rose gold.

The pieces from this exclusive collection are slightly less expensive than the other two, which doesn't make them any less wearable.

One unbeatable benefit of stainless steel is that it doesn't tarnish and is incredibly durable!

Special Features:

Extra water resistant

100% stainless steel (316L)

Designs for everyday use

3 different finishes (18K gold plating, 18K rose gold plating, or rhodium plating)



The material makes the difference

Our jewelry is made of 316L stainless steel and 925 sterling silver and plated with either 18K platinum, 18K gold, or 24K gold vermeil.

Robust and durable

It was important to us to offer jewelry that is not only beautiful but also durable! Stainless steel and sterling silver are some of the most durable raw materials in the world. They are water-resistant and do not scratch easily.

Sustainability is a big part of our mission.

Not only do their sturdy properties make them durable, but stainless steel and sterling silver are also 100% recyclable.

24k Bling

What is Gold Vermeil?

Vermeil is a legally defined term that refers to 925 sterling silver with a thick layer of gold. Legally, the quality of the jewelry in question must meet these three criteria for it to be traded as Gold Vermeil:

1. For a gold vermeil item, the base material must be 925 sterling silver.

2. The item must be plated with at least 10-carat gold.

3. The plating thickness must be at least 2.5 microns.

We chose Gold Vermeil because this manufacturing method allows us to produce beautiful, high-quality gold jewelry without the cost of using solid gold. Thus, we can guarantee you top value for your money.


Silver Bliss & Everyday Glamming

What is a gold alloy?

Gold alloy or plating means our jewelry is covered with an 18-carat gold layer.

In the Silver Bliss collection, the base material is 925 sterling silver, and in the Everyday Glamming collection, the base material is 316L stainless steel.

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