Our founder

Founder Ayu is the creative force behind Somethinc Pretty. The idea and inspiration for Somethinc Pretty came from her passion for traveling, fashion, design, and sustainability. "Our brand is meant to be a little sparkle with a big impact on women's confidence. Every woman is beautiful, and Somethinc Pretty is here to make her feel exactly that way every day." -Ayu

We care about high-quality, elegant and timeless designs, durability, and sustainability.

The name Somethinc Pretty

Our name comprises the words Somethinc = something and Pretty = pretty. We want our jewelry to be a booster for the wearer's self-confidence in everyday life as "something pretty."

Our Products and Design

The ingredients for our jewelry are 200 g of love 200 g of high-quality materials Our jewelry is handmade with high-quality standards, so it'll last a lifetime.

We want to create timeless and elegant pieces that you can wear every day that match any outfit or look you choose. You can show your unique style with Somethinc Pretty.


Sustainability is a priority at Somethinc Pretty. We focus on environmental protection in several points: 1% for Planet Go Green Shipping (DHL) Sustainable Packaging - Our Packaging is 99% plastic free! Shipping and content boxes are FSC Paper and Recycled Paper Sustainable Material. Not just our boxes but our jewelry itself is 100% recyclable.

More projects for environmental protection and sustainability are planned.