Jewelry Care


Although our jewelry is made of the most durable elements, there are still some factors that promote tarnishing.


When should I take my Somethinc Pretty Jewelry off?

Cosmetics, sweat, etc., may tarnish your jewelry. To prevent this, you can:

- Take off your jewelry before doing housework. Cleaning detergents often contain corrosive substances that can attack the material.

- Put your jewelry on after applying cream or perfume. Many cosmetics and perfumes contain alcohol. This can cause your jewelry to tarnish on direct contact.

- Although our jewelry is waterproof, you should still remove it before swimming, whether in salt, fresh or chlorinated water. Because prolonged contact with water can cause your favorite pieces to tarnish.

- Take off your jewelry before going to bed. We often move and sweat while sleeping, this can damage jewelry.

- Don't wear your jewelry while exercising. Not only can our sweat damage the jewelry, but the movement during sports can also break your jewelry.

- Store your jewelry well. To protect your jewelry from dirt, sun, etc., you should store it in a jewelry box.

Cleaning your jewelry

Our jewelry comes in 3 different materials and therefore needs to be cleaned differently:

316L stainless steel cleaning: This material does not rust or tarnish. Therefore, it is enough to polish your jewelry with a soft cloth. If there is visible dirt, you can clean it with lukewarm water and mild dishwashing detergent. You can remove any soap residue with a cloth and clean water.

925 sterling silver with 18K gold alloy, rhodium, and 18K rose gold plated: You can clean your silver jewelry with a soft cleaning cloth if it is not very dirty. If your jewelry is dirty, use lukewarm water with a mild dishwashing liquid. You can remove any soap residue with clean water and a cloth.

925 Sterling Silver with 24K Gold Vermeil: With this material, you have to be especially careful when cleaning. That you don't harm or damage the plating, you should clean the jewelry with lukewarm water and a mild dishwashing detergent. To remove soap residue, you can use clean water.

Do I have to take my jewelry off before taking a shower or bath?

You can wear your Somethinc Pretty jewelry while showering or bathing without hesitation. As mentioned above, 316L stainless steel and 925 sterling silver are 100% waterproof.

If you're in a hurry, you can jump in the shower with your favorite pieces.

Even during a long, hot bath, you won't have to take off your jewelry because there's no risk of the pieces tarnishing or the gold plating fading.

Can I go swimming in the sea with my jewelry?

Since jewelry can easily be lost while swimming, it is better to take it off beforehand, but yes, your stainless steel jewelry can go with you into the salt water. To keep your Everyday Glam pieces from losing their luster, clean them with clear fresh water after a swim in the ocean.

With the jewelry from our 24K Bling and Silver Bliss Collection, you should rather not take any risk. Sterling silver is more sensitive than stainless steel. If you only come into contact with salt water once, no major damage is likely to occur, but if you regularly expose your favorite pieces to salt water, they may be damaged.

Can I wear Somethinc Pretty to the pool?

Even in a chlorinated pool, your Everday Glam jewelry will remain intact. You must rinse your stainless steel jewelry with chlorine-free water after swimming.

For your sterling silver jewelry, you should also play it safe when going to the pool and take it off beforehand.